How to setup a Monogram Creative Console for Logic Pro and Spitfire Audio libraries

My controller setup

Monogram Creator configuration


  1. Keyboard Mode. Set buttons/dials/sliders to act as though you are hitting keys on a keyboard, which then trigger keyboard shortcuts in Logic (i.e. SPACE for play/stop).
    Pros: quick and easy to setup. Cons: only work when Logic is in focus— just as keyboard shortcuts only work when the app is “at the front”. Creating new keyboard shortcuts for functionality that isn’t already mapped in Logic can be annoying.
  2. MIDI Mode. Send MIDI messages when you move sliders/dials or hit buttons.
    Pros: works whether Logic is in focus or not, easy to setup for recording MIDI data. Bypass the need for keyboard shortcuts to implement functionality. Cons: to control Logic itself (rather than just recording MIDI data) you need to do some manual configuration to hijack the incoming MIDI messages and translate them into UI commands.


  • Play/Stop is mapped to SPACE.
  • Record is mapped to R.
  • Capture Recording is mapped to Shift+R.
Monogram Creator configuration for Play/Stop button


Monogram Creator configuration for Expression CC11

Playhead dial

Configuring the playhead dial to transmit MIDI data on channel 16
Logic Pro Controller Assignments configuration for playhead control via MIDI




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